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                Career Alpine is an autonomous education provider based in Canada (BC) and is having the offices in England, India, Philippines and Taiwan. We do provide the career guidance to Students after their basic education is complete in terms of graduation as well as prior to the graduation. We offer one year duration (two semesters), two years duration professional courses (4 semesters) and various other short term career oriented courses through both the online as well as the on-campus real time physical classroom modes.


                       Starting in 1999, with an idea to provide just career counselling, today we have developed into an instituition of ideas for the students across the globe seeking the right career to choose for their bright and prosperous future. The online mode of learning and attaining the skills has been proven a great success for thousands of our students to get settled for the better professions in their own countries as well as overseas. A large number of students from the developing nations have taken the benefits in terms of highly paid jobs after completing our courses.


Just to name few of such courses are six months online course for care giver with one month of actual training in hospital or care provider institution, Language courses in French and English to that to get easily absorbed in the English speaking societies in many countries, Health and beauty related course to get hired in cosmetic and beauty industry, Dress designing and fashion industry related courses etc. These courses are also available at very affordable fees.


The concept of virtual learning environment (VLE) or the online courses is very helpful and suitable for the people already working and willing to change or enhance their career.


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